I’m Thomas Vroylandt, a data analyst.

I work as a freelance at Tillac where I do R dashboard and analytics for my clients. I’m also a statistician at Pôle emploi, a French administration for employment. Previously I have worked at the Ministery for Health and Social Affaires.

I graduated from a master degree in Sociology and Statistics at the Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS).

My CV (in French) and Linkedin can tell you more details.

I had the occasion to publish several things, such as paper articles, analysis or lectures notes.

I work mostly with R and you can find some of my code on Github and some of my opinions (mostly about data science) on Twitter.

I also like playing badminton and was for a long time involved in scouting.

This site was inspired by the work of Yihui Xie.